Basement Flooring Solutions

Broadleaf basement flooring chartToday’s homeowners are looking to expand the usable space in their home. Basements have become an economical alternative to home additions but must incorporate flooring materials that meet the challenge of below-ground environments. Broadleaf’s epoxy basement flooring solutions provide the perfect solution.

Reduce Mold and Mildew

Basements typically are damp, humid, and dusty environments. The floor makes up over 40% of the surface space that generates moisture in a basement. Traditional floor materials such as carpet, vinyl, or laminates can harbor mold, mildew, and other allergens that pose serious health risks to home occupants.

Basement Flooding

Occasional flooding can generate high mold and mildew counts and often requires complete removal of flooring with little or no reimbursement from insurance companies. With an epoxy floor coating by Broadleaf, your basement floor is better protected again flooding.

A Healthy Solution

Broadleaf has combined our high performance polymer flooring systems with MicroGard that provides homeowners with a healthy alternative to traditional flooring materials. MicroGard is an anti-microbial agent that prevents microbial growth on the coating for the life of the flooring system. Our decorative MicroGard flooring system permanently bonds to the concrete surface insuring a permanent fix against age old flooding.

The end result is an attractive solution to basement and laundry room flooring problems that significantly reduces humidity, mold, and mildew while transforming your basement into highly functional living space.

Advantages of Broadleaf’s epoxy flooring solutions

  • Distinctive contemporary look
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Significantly reduces moisture
  • Permanently bonds to floor
  • 30+ year life expectancy
  • Incorporates anti-microbial floor coating protection

Beyond Compare

Broadleaf’s Decorative Polymer Flooring System with MicroGard outperforms all other options, making Broadleaf the homeowner’s choice.

Broadleaf basement flooring chart

Consider the Possibilities

Whether using your basement for recreation, entertainment, or living space, Broadleaf offers endless possibilities in decorative polymer flooring.

  • Home Theater
  • Game Room
  • Home Gym
  • Home Office
  • Guest Bedrooms
  • Secondary Suite
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Bathroom
  • Family Room
  • Workshop
  • Maintenance Room

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Basement Flooring Examples