Specialty Coatings/Stripings

Specialty Coatings/Stripings For Safety & Aesthetics

Broadleaf offers a full line of specialty systems to cover a wide range of needs including safety striping, epoxy wall coatings, chemical resistant systems, and much more.

Uses & Advantages

Our complete line of systems include highly chemical resistant coatings that stand up to a wide range of harsh chemicals, acids and solvents. These systems are ideal for chemical manufacturing, storage and secondary containment areas. We offer single step resin rich trowel systems which require no primer or top coat to keep valuable down time to a minimum. Highly durable wall coatings and cove systems provide a seamless, protective surface for the ceiling down to the drain. These wall systems are also available in chemical resistant formulas for areas exposed to chemical, solvent, and acid attack. Our vapor barrier coating penetrates into the small fissures, sealing the concrete to prevent penetration of both liquid and vapor passing through the concrete.