Flake Flooring

Flake FlooringDecorative, Durable & Tough

This decorative flooring system combines the durability and toughness of our industrial coatings with decorative vinyl flakes for an aesthetically appealing yet protective floor. The finished thickness of a single broadcast system is approximately 1/16 inch. The seamless flooring system has a textured surface for slip resistance that makes it ideal for many residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Uses & Advantages

Ideal for many commercial, residential and industrial locations including restaurants, animal facilities, showers, locker rooms, restrooms, residential garages and basements.

Flake flooring provides a superior surface protection that is easy to clean and maintain. It is seamless and sanitary with good chemical and stain resistance. It features an excellent substrate adhesion that can be applied over old or new concrete. Flake flooring provides a durable yet decorative floor with customizable surface profile to provide a safe walking surface.

Flake Flooring

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1/4" Vinyl Flake

1/16" Vinyl Flake

Mini Flake