Metallic DecoEssence Flooring

DecoEssence™ produces a 3-dimensional look with incredible depth and vibrancy in a variety of colors and finishes for interior decorative applications.


  • Excellent substrate adhesion and durable wear surface protection
  • Provides a more homogeneous colored appearance vs. stained concrete
  • Can be applied over new or old concrete, wood or cementitious toppings
  • Superior hiding of substrate imperfections
  • Seamless & sanitary; chemical & stain resistant
  • Low maintenance (no waxing or buffing required)
  • Slip-resistant surface textures are available with clear topcoat

DecoEssence™ is ideal for many commercial and retail locations including restaurants, food stores, showrooms, galleries, entertainment venues, office and hotel lobbies, residential dwellings and generally wherever standard epoxy color coatings, stained concrete or vinyl tile is installed.

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