Case Study: Wheaton, IL Basement

Posted March 14, 2022 | Categories: Case Studies

Client Location: Wheaton, IL
Date of Install: April 2021
Location of Flooring: Basement
Flooring Type: Self Leveling Concrete Overlay / Acrylic Water Based Concrete Sealer
Reason for having work done: A customer of ours in Wheaton, IL had recently purchased a home that they were in the process of renovating. While the whole house was essentially being gutted and redone, the basement was a part of the project that they were never quite sure what to do with. The existing floor was as old as the home at nearly 100 years old, and it looked every bit as dated and damaged as the rest of the home. The entire basement was pitched wrong, had MASSIVE pits and divots and huge chunks of concrete missing. The customer was looking for a simple solution to essentially even out the basement floor and coat with a clear coating to help minimize the dust that would inevitably gather in the basement. Broadleaf was able to assist with a full self-leveling concrete overlay and an acrylic water based concrete sealer that will last them for many years to come.
How Long to Complete: 3 days

Wheaton IL Basement Flooring