Case Study: Westchester, IL Basement

Posted February 8, 2022 | Categories: Case Studies

Client Location: Westchester, IL
Date of Install: May 2021
Location of Flooring: Basement
Flooring Type: 30 mil Pewter Gray / Matte Pigmented Urethane Top Coat
Reason for having work done: After having an inferior epoxy coating fail on them after several years, a customer local to us here in Westchester contacted our office to have Broadleaf remove the existing coating and apply a new simple solid color floor with a matte finish to revitalize their aging basement. Initially, the customer was hoping to redo the basement in preparation of selling the home in the near future, but other factors as well as the sight of their brand- new beautiful floor caused the customer to place that plan on hold, so now they get to enjoy their refreshed basement for a bit longer!
How Long to complete: 3 days