Case Study: Palos Park, IL Pool House

Posted June 15, 2023 | Categories: Case Studies

Client Location: Palos Park, IL
Date of Install: October 2022
Location of Flooring: Pool House
Flooring Type: Quartz – QF01 (Mesa Sand) / Matte Finish Urethane Top Coat
Reason for having work done: We at Broadleaf appreciate when we are presented with a more “artistic / design” challenge than what we normally see. A customer of ours in Palos Park, IL was building a new home with a detached pool house and was looking for a way to create a “sandy / beach vibe” for the floor of their pool house. Through design consultation with our lead estimator, a solution was found in the form of a decorative, light-beige colored Quartz (sand) broadcast floor, with the addition of a matte urethane topcoat to bring the sheen closer to that of beach sand. Follow up with the customer lead to us discovering that the pool house and accompanying pool have been getting A LOT of use and guests have been raving about how much they love the floors!
How Long to complete: 3 days

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