Case Study: Indian Head Park, IL Garage

Posted July 12, 2022 | Categories: Case Studies

Client Location: Indian Head Park, IL
Date of Install: April 2022
Location of Flooring: Garage
Flooring Type: Full Flake – FF07 (Burnt Red)
Reason for having work done:Occasionally, we will come across garages where either the current or previous owner have laid down a loose fitting, removable cover on their garage floor to help mitigate against damage. What customers do not realize is that by installing these types of coatings on their floor – they are trapping in moisture, which will quickly begin to deteriorate the concrete underneath much faster, as was the case for this customer of ours in Indian Head Park, IL. Fortunately, the repairs needed on this job where no match for the Broadleaf installers, who managed to salvage their concrete floors and provide our customer with a long lasting, fresh look for their garage floor.
How Long to complete: 2 Days

Epoxy Flooring Before and AfterEpoxy Flooring Before and After

Epoxy Flooring Before and After