Case Study: Indian Head Park, IL Garage

Posted April 11, 2023 | Categories: Case Studies

Client Location: Indian Head Park, IL
Date of Install: October 2022
Location of Flooring: Garage
Flooring Type: Full Flake – FF45 Tidal Wave
Reason for having work done: It’s not uncommon for a neighbors to share information on contractors for various services that may be needed. This particular block has been EXTREMELY confident in Broadleaf Flooring that we’ve managed to now revitalize 6 DIFFERENT garage floors on this one block. This particular floor is just the newest neighbor to jump on the Broadleaf bandwagon. They even chose one of our newer flake blends that have recently become available. The customer couldn’t be happier with how we’ve managed to transform their garage floor and adjoining stairwell.
How Long to complete: 2 days