Case Study: Hinsdale, IL Basement

Posted December 14, 2021 | Categories: Case Studies

Client Location: Hinsdale, IL
Date of Install: June 2021
Location of Flooring: Basement
Flooring Type: Mini Flake – MF32
Reason for having work done: Customer was in the process of renovating their basement when they contacted Broadleaf to provide a flooring option for a previously underutilized utility area of their basement. Deciding to carpet the majority of their basement, our customer mentioned they wanted something that was more durable and easier to clean in an area of their basement that will primarily be used for storage. Realizing that they were also interested in turning a portion of the area into a workout room – the customer was seeking an aesthetically pleasing mini flake option to withstand the work out equipment and foot traffic that the area will ultimately experience.
How Long to Complete: 2 days