Case Study: Flossmoor, IL

Posted September 14, 2021 | Categories: Case Studies

New Epoxy Basement Flooring

Client Location: Flossmoor, IL
Date of Install: January 2021
Location of Flooring: Basement
Flooring Type: Decco / Metallic – Black Pearl / Semi Gloss Urethane Top Coat
Reason for having work done: Customer had initially only a couple months prior, contracted a different company to come through and apply a metallic epoxy finish on their basement floors. After several start delays, half way through the job, the customer had noticed several issues with the flooring as it was applied. After having the other company out for repeated repairs to identifiable issues with the floor, the customer decided to cut all ties with the previous company and contacted Broadleaf to improve upon the work initially started. Due to the poor craftmanship of the previously installed floor, Broadleaf had to remove the entire flooring and start from scratch, ultimately providing the customer with the exact type of flooring they were looking to obtain from the start.
How Long to Complete: 4 days